Your Tasting Experience at Zenaida Cellars


We know we have not seen some of you in quite a while. We wanted to update everyone on how we are conducting tastings at the winery these days and what we discovered over the past year.

Hosting seated tastings for our club members and guests was something that we had discussed multiple times pre-2020. At the time, it seemed like it was a big change to make and felt we may get some resistance from some of our longtime members. Then, we were forced to make the change and learned a lot from the experience.

When we initially reopened in late May 2020, our guests were excited to be out doing something and we were so happy to have your smiling faces here on property! We developed out seated tasting system and crossed our fingers that it would work out until we could open up all the way, which, to be honest we may have thought it would happen sooner than it did!

We have learned a lot from our seated tasting "experiment" this past year. We learned that the tasting room wine hosts liked being able to focus on one group at a time. The tasting guests get the undivided attention of their server, without the server having to keep one eye on the rest of the bar. It allowed for a more intimate tasting experience and time spent with your favorite server discussing all things Zenaida and Paso Robles. Bottom line, the tasting experience is far better for our guests when seated than standing at the bar.

We will be keeping the seated tasting format as we are now fully reopened. Our tasting room is still where you will find all of our tasting room merchandise and you are more than welcome to come in and take a look around, but we will not be hosting groups at the bar as we did before. The tasting room now has a lot of traffic in it, with the servers moving in and out to host their tables on the patio and in the garden area. 

For those who have not been back yet, we look forward to seeing you soon. For those who have been here over the past year, we hope you will agree with our experiences on the seated tastings. We would greatly appreciate you making a reservation on our website (use the RESERVATIONS tab at the top of the website). Wine Club members, please sign in when you make your reservation so it is complimentary. New guests, we know it does take a bit of time to enter your information in order to make your reservation, but it makes your check out far easier when you get it done in advance of arrival. We will be accommodating walk-ins when we can.

See you in Paso!