Tasting Room Talk: Episode 01


Welcome to the first edition of “Tasting Room Talk”

My name is Greg and I’ve been with Zenaida for over four years and have been passionate about wine for over 30 years. My colleague, Kenvin, has been with Zenaida for over 14 years and is a Level 2 Somm. We often get asked, “What’s tasting good right now?” or “What’s your favorite?” This is an attempt to answer that.  

Our objective is to regularly share with you, our wine club family and friends, a featured wine we are currently pouring in the tasting room. Sometimes it will be a brand-new release, which you may have not yet tried, or an old favorite that’s about to sell out, so you can place an order before it does. If your favorite wine is not featured, don’t worry, we will likely get to it in a future blog. Or you can always call Kenvin or me in the tasting room (805-227-0382) to get our perspective. That also goes for past vintages you may have in your cellar.  

I can’t think of a more appropriate wine to start this blog with than the 2020 Solar Fel. This is my personal favorite on the tasting menu right now and it’s close to selling out. It’s the most natural of the three blends we are currently pouring, with all of the grapes originating in Bordeaux, France. The 2020 release of Solar Fel,  just the second we’ve done, is a blend of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon from Zenaida Estate, 35% Cabernet Franc from Sextant Westside Vineyard, and 20% Petite Verdot also from a local vineyard. If you’re a fan of Cab Franc, this is a must-have blend. It has a beautiful dark red color with smoky aromas of blackberry, bell pepper, and some earthiness. On the pallet, I get a lot of Luxardo cherries, black currant, and a slightly spicy finish, which has really smoothed out over the past year that we’ve featured it on the tasting menu.  

The 2020 Solar Fel pairs well with any grilled red meat, pot roast, lasagna, Osso Bucco, or a piece of sharp cheese, like the Mimolette, an orange-colored Edam cheese we get from Vivant cheese shop in downtown Paso Robles.  

We’re down to a limited number of cases so get some before it sells out.  To order this wine click here or call us in the tasting room at 805–227–0382.  

Greg Heubel

Tasting Room Sales Associate


Phil & Marilyn said…
What a great and intelligent write-up! This is a wonderful blog Thank you so much for posting it. We love you all, Phil and Marilyn McCraw.
The Reese said…
Great ideas! We look forward to more blog posts and also seeing you, Kenvin and the crew soon.