Fall 2020 Zenaida Cellars Club Shipment and Updates!

Fall 2020 Zenaida Cellars Club Shipments preparations are underway! Important Dates:

Monday, November 2 - charging cards

Wednesday/Thursday 11/4 & 11/5 - shipping out of state orders that include Tasting Sample Bundles for the Virtual Tasting on Sunday, November 15 @ 3pm to ensure timely delivery to the East Coast and Mid-West.

Saturday, November 7 11-4pm - Wine Club Pick-up Event with Feed My Seoul (almost SOLD OUT, please see previous post!)

Monday, November 9 - all of the Ship orders will go out, including West Coast orders of the Tasting Sample Bundles.

Sunday, November 15 @ 3pm - Fall 2020 Cellar Club Virtual Tasting

Please log into your accounts to update your shipping address if need be or add to your Cellar Club allocation! You can also give us a call at the Tasting Room 805-227-0382.