Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Introducing the Experience Zenaida Series!

Introducing the Experience Zenaida Series!
Go beyond the tasting room with these three fun seasonal wine-tasting experiences led by Zenaida’s Winemaker Eric Ogorsolka.

The Wanderlust Hike / The Bud Break Hike
April 28, 2018 / 11am-12:30pm / $35
This springtime stroll and tasting will take guests through Zenaida’s walking trails that weave through the Estate Vineyard. Eric will lead the hike and discuss – and show – how the vineyard is ‘coming alive’ with bud-break. The hike will conclude with a private tasting with Eric back at the winery.  
[Note: This is a moderate-level hike. But the trails and vine rows could be muddy, so please wear walking shoes or boots.]
The Harvest Hike
Aug. 25, 2018 / 10-11:30am / $35
This hike and tasting will take you into the canopied vine rows with Eric as he leads guests through a typical grape-check session. You’ll be able to see – and taste – what Eric is monitoring to determine the all-important pick time. The hike will conclude with a private tasting with Eric back at the winery.  
[Note: This is a moderate-level hike. Please wear walking shoes or boots.]
The Cellar Session
Jan. 19, 2019 / 10-11:30am / $35
While farming is essential to making great wine, what happens in the cellar – from soak times to barreling to blending – is where the art of the winemaker is expressed. In this fun and educational tasting, Eric will lead you through barrel tastings, blending exercises and more. The session will conclude with a private tasting with Eric. 
[Note: This cellar can get a little chilly, so please bring a jacket.]
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To reserve your place(s), please call the winery at (805) 227-0382.
Payment is due at booking.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Race to be Assistant Winemaker - Round 3

Round 3 - The Shaker Table

It's here! The third and final round of the Race to be Assistant Winemaker. The Shaker Table requires quick hands, eagle eyes, and nerves of steel! It's coming down to the wire and it's anyone's race at this point. The results will be posted after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned for more of the #UltimateZCGrapeOff

Did you spot #BusterCluster

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Race to be Assistant Winemaker - Round 2

Round 2 - The Harvest

We know you've all been waiting on bated breath for next installment in our Race to be Assistant Winemaker...now the wait is over! This time, the competition is taken to the fields. Vince and Annie will compete in the heart of the vineyard picking our Estate Zinfandel. They've got to move fast, because the real harvest crew is creeping up quickly behind them! 

Can you spot #BusterCluster

Plus, don't miss next week when Vince and Annie hit the Shaker Table! It's the #UltimateZCGrapeOff

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vendor Spotlight - Just Baked SLO

Rounding out our awesome line up for this Saturday, Nov. 7th is one of our favorite treat shops - Just Baked SLO!

Meet Annie! 

Just Baked SLO is a boutique bakery and dessert catering company located in Santa Margarita. Owner and head baker, Annie Farrell, grew up in the Bay Area and moved to San Luis Obispo in 1998 to attend Cal Poly. Although it was her plan to follow in her family's footsteps with a career in the printing and graphic design industry, her passion for food and cooking was ever present. She got her professional start in the business working the line at a top restaurant in Cambria, where she also met a friend with whom she would go on to start Just Baked SLO.

Her focus is on small-batch, scratch baking. Everything, right down to cake fillings and cookie mix-ins is made onsite or sourced from the best quality purveyors in the area, like chocolate from Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates. She offers a line of branded retail products that includes a Devil's Food Cake and Cupcake Mix, and blackberry jam made with locally sourced berries.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vendor Spotlight - BurlapBella & Bella de Paso Olive Oil

We know you're super excited for this Saturday, Nov. 7th and our first ever Pop Up Shop! Here are two more reasons to come shop n' sip with us!

Meet Kaitlin from BurlapBella!

"I'm Kaitlin, the dreamer, designer and creator of everything BurlapBella. I build every day, no exaggeration; it's part of my soul. I am a self-taught artist. I love Florida Georgia Line. They are who I turn up and listen to when I am having a craft cramped brain & need a new outlook. I have an over-the-top obsession with decorative pillows. There's really no point for them, but I can't help but want more. I guess that explains why burlap pillows were our first selling items. We have since then expanded to painting on just about everything, even shoes! I started this little business 3 years ago and I'm amazed at all the doors it has opened for me. My best piece of advice is to be filled with love; when you are filled with love you can spread that out to others. That is what I strive for with BurlapBella.

Meet Alex from Bella de Paso Olive Oil!
"Our farm in Paso Robles produces extra virgin olive oil from a blend of Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino varietals. It's a taste of Tuscany in California.

Our family became familiar with the Central Coast of California during mini-vacations in the late 1990s. In 2001, we purchased 11 acres of land in Paso Robles, California. At the time, it was half covered in a defunct apple orchard. But we had bigger dreams and noting Paso's Mediterranean climate and soil, we settled on olives. With help from friends and family, and with a lot of hard work, we planted 300 trees of the Frantoio, Pendolino, and Leccino varietals. Now, those same trees produce an extra virgin olive oil that has an upfront smoothness with a lingering bite worthy of both its Tuscan heritage and California home. We hope you'll enjoy our pride and joy!"

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vendor Spotlight - Sugar & Spoon Caramels

Meet Anne from Sugar & Spoon Caramels! We can't wait to have her and her delicious caramels with us on Saturday, November 7th.  

"Our story began more than 80 years ago when my Great-Grandma Edith began making caramels one Christmas on a ranch in Lockwood Valley, CA. Little did my great-grandma know, but she was starting a tradition that would be passed down from generation to generation...

I grew up in a family that gathered for every single holiday and life event. We love to cook, we love to eat, and we love to share stories and recipes. Sometimes there would be a recipe that we liked, but with each passing year, we would tweak it here or there to improve upon it. Of course, that never happened with great-grandma's caramel recipe. That recipe is written in stone and unchangeable, even down to her strict instruction that you never make caramels in the rain or bad weather. If you do, you risk ruining their soft smooth texture. I have tried to prove that theory wrong over the last four years, but as it turns out, great-grandma was right!

One of my first clear memories of Christmas is my great-grandma's caramels. It was always a production in our house...going to the store to buy all the ingredients, cutting the wax paper squares, cooking, and then the tedious work of cutting and wrapping. In my earlier years, I did not mind it so much as I was able to eat the corners and smaller pieces. What kid doesn't love that? But then, as I go older, it became "work" and being able to gobble up endless amounts of caramel just didn't cut it anymore. Fast forward 20 years though and it became less about work and more about carrying on a long family tradition.

In 2012, I decided to expand our Christmas tradition into a business. We are a small, family run operation based in Paso Robles and I am proud to say, everything from start to finish is done by hand. I have been overwhelmed by the love and support, not just from locals, but from everyone who has enjoyed my great-grandma's caramels! So here is to my great-grandma Edith, and if she was still here with us, I have no doubt she would be stirring right alongside me. I hope you enjoy her caramels as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!"

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