Wine Club Date Change - Shipping Members Only

We wanted to alert you to a change in the shipping schedule. In the past, two of our shipments have occurred in May and August each year. This shipment was made possible by utilizing recyclable Styrofoam and ice packs to keep the wine at or below temperature. Our county of San Luis Obispo has outlawed the use of Styrofoam effective April 2020. While a necessary part of our summertime shipping, we welcome this opportunity to make the change.

We plan to research packaging over this year to find the best way to continue shipping wine in the hotter months. In the meantime, we will be shifting our wine club ship dates from May to April and from August to September. Your new wine club shipping schedule for the year will look like this:

                February – April – September – November

We will be looking at National weather forecasts prior to shipping in September and if your region is going to be too hot, we will reach out to you with an update of a shipping time frame. Expect to receive an email mid to late March with the information on your April shipment.

This date change alert is only for members who have the wine club allocations SHIPPED to them. If you pick up your wine club at the winery, your schedule has not changed!

Thank you again for your membership.