Sclemeel, Schlemazel

Hassenfeffer Incorporated.

Bottling day at Zenaida Cellars! A nice way to kick off, harvest???
Yes, well. Bottling. It needs to be done so we have wine for all of our lovely visitors to the winery and our clients.

I love the bottling trucks. It is amazing to me that they can fit all of that equipment neatly into in the trailor and travel around bottling up everyone's wine. It always reminds of the beginning of Laverne and Shirley. Is that weird?

Because of that, I have had the theme song in my head for the last week. It is pretty catchy!

*Give us any chance, we'll take it. Give us any rule, we'll break it*

Anyway, here is a shot of the bottles that have been completed cruising down the final stretch of the line. In hind sight, I am little bummed I didn't put one of Eric's work gloves on top of one of the bottles. However, that might have been too much!

And it would have covered up our new closures!

*Nothin's gonna turn us back now, Straight ahead and on the track now.*

Action shot! This nifty peice of machinery is what attaches the screwcap to the bottle and seals the closure. Yes, we have changed our entire line-up over to screw caps! I am sure Eric will go into that more indepth at some point - after November.

Here they come towards the screw-cap attacher (not the actual name!)

Behind the plexiglass, to the right, is where the bottles get loaded in. To the left is where the wine goes into the bottles! In front is the end of the line...they have been filled, capped and labeled!

Beautiful day for bottling!

Tyler and Nick working hard.

*On your mark, get set and go now.*

Van and Eric loading up the next pallet of glass to go through the line.

Taking his job very seriously!

Tops of the new caps. Z is for Zenaida.


Screw cap close-up!
*Doin' it our way.*


Anonymous said…
Like the screwcaps! said…
Wow, that's cool! I never knew there were bottling trucks...
And I really love the symbolism with the Z.