Wine Festival Event 7-10p.m. Friday, May 15th

Zenaida Cellars Movie Night! We are turning the barrel room into a movie theater for the night to feature the 1946 Alfred Hitchcock Classic, Notorious. Romance, suspense and a secret wine cellar, while sipping Zenaida Cellars wine IN A WINE CELLAR! What more could you ask for? Movie Tickets will be $10 per person, no charge for Zc club members. Various gourmet popcorn will be offered as well a selection of cheeses and cured meats. Wine by the glass and Firestone beer will be available too! Purchase your tickets here or call (805) 227-0382 for reservations.


What a brilliant idea. "Notorious" is one of my favorites. I'll try and convince Rob to drive up for this! Stephanie S.